Anaphylactic Reactions

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Anaphylactic problems usually have a genetic basis, and often are related to an auto-immune problem. The episodes usually are allergy-based (rather than an “intolerance”), and are usually triggered by a specific food or substance (containing a specific protein molecule), coming into contact with the digestive system, but sometimes an episode is triggered through direct contact with a substance such as latex, or through an intravenous entry to the body such as an insect sting or some other allergen.

Anaphylactic problems are widely varied in their causative factors and may be difficult to treat effectively long-term as they result from the set-up of immune system responses which are remembered by the body and episodes of response to the allergen often increase in intensity with each new episode.

There have been treatments using homoeopathic medicine which claim great success by actually introducing low doses of the allergens into the body, resulting in the creation of antibodies which provide some future protection from the allergen, but we have found that these results are varied.

However, often we find that by dealing with the central auto-immune issue in the person’s body, and removing or lessening the  triggers that are acting as a  stimuli for that condition, often secondary conditions follow suit and reduce in activity. This possibility is not guaranteed as it varies patient by patient.


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