Our Process

Our process is very straight-forward:

At your Initial Consultation, a Practitioner will provide you with extensive information that you may need to assist during treatment by us, along with a proposed customised solution for the personal treatment by us of your skin condition.

As you progress through the treatment we always endeavour to be approachable to help guide you through the treatment. In between appointments the practitioner always endeavours to be  available to provide clarification to the patient on the finer points relating to the dietary regimen, and to assist in interpreting and addressing secondary triggers which the patient needs to address in order to achieve satisfactory progress.

At Sydney Psoriasis Skin Clinics we take a holistic approach and we assist you to Address the triggers AND treat the symptoms. We assist you to not only help relieve the physical symptoms, but also enable you to identify and address the triggers that exacerbate your condition.

We offer you a long-term management solution through a combination of treating your current symptoms and also addressing the triggers. This is what makes us unique.

We appreciate that you have approached us as you are looking for quick results, and so we will always try to find an appointment for you within 2 weeks of your initial call to us.

Consultations are available Tuesday to Friday at one of our 2 clinics (see: CLINICS )

We are also open on Saturday mornings at the SYLVANIA clinic.

The NORTH SYDNEY clinic is very close to the railway station but the Sylvania clinic is the most accessible by car as it is just one road, in effect, (…with different names leading into each other) from many parts of the West and North-West, right to our door.

Additionally, for those people living in remote and rural regions, phone consultations can be arranged, however only for the Second and any subsequent review appointments. Please note that Private Health Funds do not provide rebates on electronic appointments of any type.

Drawing on almost 2 decades of complementary dermatological experience as part of the Psoriasis & Skin Clinic group ¹, Moree is uniquely qualified to provide patients with the best natural treatment protocols for a wide range of chronic, inflammatory skin conditions.

Moree continues to collaborate with Prof. Michael Tirant, PhD.² , using his skin treatment protocols, and she prescribes his Dr. Michaels and Seloderma ranges of products that possess unique and highly effective results ³.

Our 5-Step Process:

  1. ASSESS your skin condition using differential diagnosis
  2. IDENTIFY the Primary Trigger that initiated your condition and we attempt to identify all the secondary triggers present in your environment, lifestyle and/or diet that continue to exacerbate your condition.
  3. CUSTOMISE a treatment plan to get your skin condition symptoms under control initially, and we acknowledge that there are usually variants in an individuals’ skin condition, just as there are differences in an individual’s diet and lifestyle factors which make our treatment often vastly different for people suffering the same condition.
  4. TREAT your symptoms and address your triggers to help you work towards long term remission of your skin complaint.
  5. SUPPORT you to achieve a long-term remission through a maintenance program if required.

What we do at your first visit:

  • Take a detailed family, dietary and lifestyle history
  • Examine your skin to assess extent and severity
  • Clearly explain the treatment protocol
  • Suggest a treatment plan including likely costs and duration
  • Prescribe recommended topical and nutritional medicines
  • Provide you with various booklets and handouts as well as a detailed programme designed for you during the consultation.

Generally a First Review is necessary at 14 days to enable us to “tweak” the treatment to ensure that we are heading in the right direction for you personally. Medicines prescribed for you at the Initial Consultation are often added to, or replaced by other medicines at the First Review as the treatment is a ‘process’ requiring completion of each phase as you progress through the reduction of symptoms.

In those initial 2 weeks we would expect to see a significant reduction in symptoms of your skin condition, but in cases where the condition is chronic, it may take some time to arrive at the end of the first phase; so please be patient if you have had your condition for many years. We are working ‘with’ your body, not in spite of it.

In the majority of cases, additional reviews may be necessary at monthly intervals for some 3 or so months after the completion of the first phase when the skin condition is very chronic. If it took years for you to gain the symptoms, then it may take some time for your body to ‘let go’ of it’s ‘comfort zone’.

Ordinarily we find that the initial treatment phase for chronic plaque psoriasis, for instance, will be around 6 to 12 weeks, but may be less for some other conditions in order to significantly reduce or resolve your symptoms.

Throughout the treatment period, we make individual adjustments in your naturally-based prescription medicines, to achieve the quickest and most satisfactory result for you!

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*DISCLAIMER: Many skin conditions are auto-immune-based, where the body confuses self and non-self, and are therefore genetic in origin and so are incurable. We do not claim to obtain total resolution of any skin condition, but we target factors relating to the exacerbation of the skin condition symptoms due to dietary and lifestyle influences, and our treatment is designed to reduce the effect of those factors.

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