Potential Costs Disclosure:

Most Private Health Funds, (such as BUPA, Medibank Private, NIB etc ) provide rebate benefits  against the consultation fees. The rebate amount varies with each fund.

Patients should check with their Health Funds regarding their level of  coverage under the ‘extras’ or ‘ancillary’ cover, for Western Herbal Medicine.

As a guide of time that you may need to allocate for an appointment: Initial consultations typically require around 30 minutes, and follow-up consultations are ordinarily scheduled for a lesser time duration.

During your Initial consultation the Practitioner will discuss with you the anticipated duration of treatment to attain a satisfactory level of resolution.

Ordinarily, with long-term, chronic, genetic, auto-immune skin conditions the Initial treatment phase spans  6-12 weeks,  but many conditions  often resolve in just a few weeks – these periods may not be typical for all conditions and all patients.

The practitioner will recommend some naturally-based oral medicines and topical products necessary for your initial treatment period and will provide you with a prescription for those medicines.

That prescription will be reviewed and may be adjusted at each subsequent consultation as you move through the process, thus ensuring that you receive the most appropriate treatment as you move through the treatment period.

While many conditions clear up very quickly during the treatment phase,  long-term, chronic, genetic, auto-immune conditions require  continuing maintenance such as medicines and perpetual dietary modifications, to lessen the potential for the condition to re-activate.

During that ‘maintenance phase’ patients  may only need to see a practitioner at six-monthly intervals. In that interval, patients can be re-supplied with products and medications as prescribed for them.

Our Current Costs are:

Initial Consultation (GST Free) – $110
Review Consultation (GST Free) – $65

Medicine and topical products (Creams, Gels, conditioning oils etc) are ancillary and therefore are an additional cost to the consultation fees.

Costs on the Initial visit may be around $150 plus, but please note that the medicine and topical product costs may vary considerably patient to patient as each may require different amounts over varying time periods due to skin condition severity, body coverage extent and variations in chronicity.

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