Potential Costs Disclosure:

There is no Medicare involvement in our treatment but most Private Health Funds, both large and small (such as BUPA, Medibank Private, NIB etc ) provide rebates against the consultation fees, and they have reliably covered what we do for years and even decades in the cases of some funds. The rebate amount varies with each fund.

Patients should check with their Health Funds regarding their coverage under the ‘extras’ or ‘ancillary’ cover, for Western Herbal Medicine, as some health funds  may have some  specific and  additional requirements or cover may only be available in certain tables, or in certain situations.

Specifically with HCF, cover is only possible if you came to them through the Manchester Unity takeover, but HCF do not cover Western Herbal Medicine if you are a direct member with them (as determined on 27 May 2017 after much difficulty in getting a clear answer from HCF! )

Additionally, no GST is payable on the consultation fees as the Dept of Health has provided us with the reputable health care provider status reserved for practitioners who comply with their directives for Health Professionals.

As a guide of time that you may need to allocate for an appointment: Initial consultations typically require around 30 minutes, and follow-up consultations are ordinarily scheduled at a lesser time duration, but may be longer or shorter depending on needs and requirements.

During your Initial consultation the Practitioner will discuss with you the course and frequency of treatment and review consultations.

Ordinarily we find that the Initial treatment phase lasts from 6-12 weeks with long-term, chronic genetic and auto-immune conditions such as Chronic Plaque Psoriasis, but may be less with some other conditions – these periods may not be typical.

The practitioner will recommend some naturally-based oral medicines and topical products necessary for your initial treatment period & will provide you with a prescription for those medicines.

That prescription will be reviewed and may be adjusted at each subsequent consultation as you move through the process, thus ensuring that you receive the most appropriate treatment as your condition improves or if your symptoms change.

While some conditions clear up very quickly, for long-term, chronic genetic and auto-immune conditions such as Chronic Plaque Psoriasis, after the treatment phase, patients can move into a ‘maintenance phase’, if necessary. During that phase patients  may only need to see a practitioner at six-monthly intervals. In that interim, patients can be re-supplied with products and medications as prescribed for them.

Our Current Costs are:

Initial Consultation (GST Free) – $110
Common approximate medication costs at Initial Consultation:
$154 to $224 (incl GST)

Review Consultation (GST Free) – $65
Common approximate medication costs at Review Consultation:
$155 to $225 (incl GST)

Phone Consultation(GST Free) – $65
Common approximate medication costs at Phone Consultation:
$155 to $225 (incl GST)

Please note that the medicine and topical product costs may vary as each patient may require different amounts over different time periods due to skin condition severity, body coverage extent and how chronic the condition may be.

Additionally, in the event that patients may require less frequent consultation intervals due to alleviation of the skin condition symptoms under the treatment, greater quantities of medicine and topical products nay be required at some review consultations.

A common sequence of consultation intervals  over the initial treatment period of around 6-12 weeks for  long-term, chronic genetic and auto-immune conditions such as Chronic Plaque Psoriasis,  may be as follows (other conditions may not require so long):

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Review at 2 weeks
  3. Review at 4 weeks
  4. Review at 6-8 weeks (may not be required)
  5. Review at 10-12 weeks (may not be required)

Ongoing costs of medicine and topical products:

Often our Patients only require oral medicine until the skin symptoms are under control in the treatment phase. However, in many cases of auto-immune conditions (incurable conditions), a range of other oral medicines may be required indefinitely in the ongoing maintenance period in order to keep the condition under control.

Many patients who have had success utilising the dietary modifications during treatment may be able to attain ongoing maintenance using just dietary considerations and practices.

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