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Sydney Psoriasis Skin Clinics is a naturally-based clinic specialising in the treatment of chronic inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis,  eczema, dermatitis,  acne, rosacea, nails and fungal skin conditions through the use of nutritional and herbal medicine protocols  and  the prescribing of  unique, non drug-based topical preparations.

Our practice was commenced in 1994, and the original owners still own and operate the business to this day. For almost 2 decades¹ of that time we have been providing skin treatment services to the public using the above stated nutritional and herbal medicine protocols and products.

Moree CoburnMoree  Coburn, who  is  one of the  original  and current owners,  is also our Senior Practitioner & she practices Complementary Dermatology¹.

She is a very experienced practitioner and has extensive qualifications  equivalent to the Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine, as well as Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Iridology & many certificates and diplomas in allied modalities including extended studies in anatomy, physiology and nutrition. She also has qualifications in ACE Teaching and has conducted interest classes in various therapies.

Moree is dedicated to providing evidence based complementary natural medicine techniques and therapeutics, of  the highest standard, to the management of your specific skin and health concerns.

Prof. Michael TirantProfessor Michael Tirant of Psoriasis & Eczema Clinic (whose business name  has also been known as Psoriasis & Skin Clinic¹), has over almost 2 decades provided Moree with  extensive and ongoing training in the treatment of  skin conditions using his protocols and products.

Moree operated the first “Psoriasis & Skin Clinic” outside of Victoria in 2000, and she  is  competent and fully qualified to utilise his protocols and prescribe the Dr Michaels brand of “Practitioner-Only” medicines and topical products; the original brand of Professor Tirant.²

The Dr Michaels brand of “Practitioner-Only” medicines are:

Moree Coburn has been closely associated with Prof. Tirant for many years¹ and she has co-authored several international papers with him (Journal of BIOLOGICAL REGULATORS & Homeostatic Agents ³ ) which were published to demonstrate the efficacy of many of Professor Tirants’ products which significantly reduced the symptoms of many skin conditions.

We have been in business for over 22 years and have been ratified by:

  • Government bodies to receive GST-free concession status on consultations (only provided by Dept Health to reputable health care providers who comply with their directives for Health Care Professionals)
  • Private Health Funds who honour our status of having practitioners who are fully qualified to provide the health services that we do, and
  • Industry associations, who ensure by the c.p.e. system that our practitioners remain qualified and abreast of current legislations, research and new discoveries.

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*DISCLAIMER: Many skin conditions are auto-immune-based, where the body confuses self and non-self, and are therefore genetic in origin and so are incurable. We do not claim to obtain total resolution of any skin condition, but we target factors relating to the exacerbation of the skin condition symptoms due to dietary and lifestyle influences, and our treatment is designed to reduce the effect of those factors.

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³a) http://psoriasiseczema.com.au/clinical-evidence/ and

³ b) http://www.biolifesas.org/jbrha/contents30-2(S3).pdf





SYDNEY PSORIASIS – Treatment for Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Acne, Rosacea, Pityriasis, Fungal Infections etc – Based upon Decades of experience

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