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We do not offer UV Light/Laser/PUVA/Phototherapy etc  treatment here and we do not recommend them for the continuing treatment of Psoriasis or other skin conditions.

PUVA treatment involves subjecting affected skin to controlled ultraviolet radiation by means of a UV generating device, after oral administration of a type of drug called a Psoralen which increases the sensitivity of skin to UV radiation for up to 24 hours after consumption of the drug. (As the drug may be still in your system for up to 24 hours later, there may be additional UV reception from the sun, including UVA, just by walking outdoors).

PUVA is an anagram for Psoralen UltraViolet radiation type A, although often UV type B is used as well or instead. The process is also called Photochemotherapy.

There may be a variety of side effects with the PUVA system which include short-term nausea, redness and itching of the skin, but as with any type of UV exposure there can be an increased risk of skin cancers including Melanoma and Squamous cell carcinoma. There have been reports of excessive ageing of the skin and hyperpigmentation in areas treated with PUVA.

The American Cancer Foundation has a very interesting article on this subject: CLICK HERE

We ordinarily obtain  high levels of  success in the treatment of Psoriasis and many other skin conditions, by addressing the Dietary and Lifestyle TRIGGERS that stimulate the symptoms – naturally!!!

*Our success is due to our protocols that have been developed over almost 3 decades, and which are directed toward breaking the inflammation cycle from within by correcting dietary/nutrient, biochemical and hormonal imbalances and by dealing with other triggers that may be chemical or lifestyle-related.

Just addressing the symptoms is unlikely to provide long-term results. Unless this internal cycle is broken, long-term resolution is elusive at best.

*DISCLAIMER: results may vary by person to person


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