Co-existence of conditions

Co-existence of Conditions: Fungal, Candida, IBS and Psoriasis

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Fungal Conditions, Candida, IBS and Psoriasis may Co-exist

There are numerous forms of Candida – a fungal condition that  is normally resident in everyone’s body to a small degree, but which is  magnified in some people who have genetic weakness towards it, especially in  the mouth, flexural and other moist areas.*

This weakness is prominent when  patients have skin conditions such as some types of Psoriasis (i.e. Pustular Psoriasis), eczema etc., as the integrity of the skin is  weakened, thus leaving it vulnerable to other conditions, such as fungal problems.

Further, other symptoms including IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), or other diseases and  weaknesses in the gastro-intestinal system, also often co-exist with  auto-immune conditions due to the persons body having its resistance depleted  through diet imbalances, nutrient uptake blockages, viral illnesses,  various medicines and symptomatic cycles which have been set up in the body, which,  unless that cycle is broken, will unlikely correct the weaknesses which are  leaving the body vulnerable.

Overall, Candida can become out of control in  a body which is severely compromised and highly acidic.

We use natural protocols that have been honed over almost 3  decades. Patients regularly obtain significant reduction in their symptoms of Psoriasis and other skin condition symptoms, through the treatment provided to them by our Practitioner, Moree Coburn who has been personally trained by and uses the protocols and products of Professor Michael Tirant of Psoriasis & Eczema Clinic. See: *

*DISCLAIMER: results may vary by person to person


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